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Producer, Artist, Engineer
Latest Releases

In the first half of 2023, Watchman released several singles. They range widely in sound but are much closer to indie-alt than his previous album release "glasscannon," an alt hip-hop project. Since then, he has released a series of singles. In the recent past, the release of singles has paused while Watchman gears up for the release of his 4th LP

Latest LP Release

On December 16th 2022, Watchman released his 3rd studio album, glasscannon. Watchman encapsulates raw emotion in the 25 tracks. Watchman explores the human experience in new musical territory, blurring the lines between hiphop, alternative, indie, and rock. 

The album consists of 3 distinct chapters, each with their own unique sound and emotional palette. From anger to serenity, resentment to forgiveness, impatience to gratitude, Watchman brings the listener along on his long journey to self discovery.

Watchman took a step back to look at his production style over the years, and decided to hon in on the hip hop sound he had been dancing around in his previous discography, bringing Kansas City rappers Kill Culley and Sadface along with him. This beautiful album is available on all streaming services.

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THE 211

The 211 is the place where it all happens. Located at the very south end of Kansas City Missouri, this studio is a constantly evolving creative space. 

The 211 is a home studio in Martin City, MO, on Blue Ridge between Wornall and Holmes. It was set up in February 2022 after moving from Grandview. The room is approximately 15' x 15'. It's comfortably furnished and carries a good vibe. It is equipped with several synthesizers, guitars, hardware and software effects units, a mic'd up upright piano and drum set, a trumpet, a mandolin, a ukelele, a kalimba, the list goes on.   Complimentary beverages are also available and there is a basketball hoop outside open for use.

"I just love the workflow I've established here, while working on my music or working with a client. The goal in creating this space was to maximize comfortability and immediacy. I think its really important that I'm comfortable in here and if I'm working with a client, they're comfortable. The creative process is greatly disturbed when that's not the case. Immediacy means that as quickly as me or another artist has an idea, be it a vocal effect, a melody, a chord progression, etc., that idea is on the computer and coming out of the speakers as soon as possible." 

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