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The singles

Since releasing Glasscannon. Watchman has decided to take a break from albums in his discographies and focus on singles. He will eventually certainly return to albums, for now he's just doing it piece by piece and exploring new options.

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On December 16th 2022, Watchman released his 3rd studio album, glasscannon. Watchman encapsulates raw emotion in the 25 tracks. Watchman explores the human experience in new musical territory, blurring the lines between hiphop, alternative, indie, and rock. 

The album consists of 3 distinct chapters, each with their own unique sound and emotional palette. From anger to serenity, resentment to forgiveness, impatience to gratitude, Watchman brings the listener along on his long journey to self discovery.

Watchman took a step back to look at his production style over the years, and decided to hon in on the hip hop sound he had been dancing around in his previous discography, bringing Kansas City rappers Kill Culley and Sadface along with him. 

When the Rain Comes Down

"When the Rain Comes Down" is Watchman's only EP to  date. His past production intentionally had a very full, very fast, very in-your-face style to it. For this project, Watchman decided to do something different. Every track is essentially vocals, guitar, bass and maybe drums. He was searching for a more intimate sound. Tears were shed during the recording Red Rose Red Star, his voice broke at the very end and he couldn't bring himself to rerecord it.

Suburbs / 4 years

This double single was originally intended to be a preview to what would be the second half of Watchman's double EP project. That EP was to be called "Where the Flowers Bloom." It never came out. Watchman was so caught up by the early creation of Glasscannon that his second EP fell through the cracks. Both this cover and cover for "When the Rain Comes Down" were commissioned by collage artist Felix Taylor. These singles are leaning heavier into the loud, punching, production style that he turned away from intentionally for "When the Rain Comes Down."

suburbs 4 years cover
Same Goes For You cover

Same Goes for You

"Same Goes for You" is a  a relatively bitter, relatively serene, all the while heart wrenching breakup album. It's also where Watchman started to dive into the production style that has stuck with him for years since. This album is largely about growing up and moving out and moving on in life, it was partially recorded in Watchman's Dad's basement and partially recorded in his first house in Grandview, Missouri.

aliens on the moon cover

Aliens on the Moon

"Aliens on the Moon" was the first album Watchman produced. He and Clayton produced this LP and Watchman did most of the engineering work. It's a very emotional album centering around thier shared experience with drug abuse. They tried to encapsulate an other-worldly sound that wasn't too strange that it got in the way of the relatability of the lyrics. Their most successful song, "I'll Be Okay" was on this album.


This is the only existing Creamery Album. It was produced by Garrett Branson. He played lead guitar, Watchman sang and played rhythm, Cameron Finazzo played bass, and Garrett and Lucas Devorak played drums. This album was the longest creation process of his whole discography, The Creamery was a band for two and a half years before this LP came out. The album cover is the wall of Watchman's mom's basement. It started with an accidental hammer in the wall that was left there and every Sunday rehearsal that followed added to the chaos.

blue room cover

Little White Lies

"Little White Lies" was Watchman's quarantine album. His first ever solo LP. It was recorded in different parents basements over the course of early days of Covid. Not being a Housecat or Creamery album, the creation of this album was when Watchman finally had full creative freedom in a project. He tried to find middle ground between his lyric style of Housecat music vs Creamery music, that was the beginning of the journey of finding his style.

little white lies cover
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