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Production/Engineering Portfolio

Produced &

This is a collection of records produced and engineered in house with the artist's guidance throughout the process. No decision is made without the artist to ensure the track sounds exactly as it should sound. Some of these tracks include artists playing their own instruments, some are not. Often times the lines between songwriting and producing get blurred in the process and with the right the people and the right circumstances the product comes out beautifully.

All of Watchman's Solo music is also produced and engineered by him


The difference here is that these tracks are recorded to pre-made instrumental tracks. All of these examples are hip-hop, and that's where this service is used most often, but it does not have to be. This process is a bit more cut and dry. Record, listen back, decide together if anything needs re-recorded, mix, master, export. It's still important that the artist is present for the post recording processes to give their input, exe. more reverb, less autotune, add distortion, etc.


Remote engineering is the only one done without the artist. Individual instrument tracks (or stems) will be sent in, those tracks are then mixed and, if desired, mastered and sent back. All remote mixing and mastering is done through Fiverr.

My Music

From Watchman:

"All but one of my projects is completely self produced and engineered. I believe strongly that my music and where I'm at in my career as an artist has a strong affect on my production and engineering techniques. Production and engineering are both very technical skills but there are so many creative choices to be made in the process that my music has an impact on. Check out all my music on the "Music" page."

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